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Dear Chesapeake Voter,

As a former teacher and administrator in Chesapeake Public Schools, I know firsthand how decisions at the school board level impact our entire educational community…students, parents, and teachers. I chose to run for school board because I have been invested for years in ensuring a top quality education and safe learning environment for ALL Chesapeake students. Now, as a mother, my passion for our children’s future has only grown.


More than ever, it is vital that we foster strong working relationships between our families, teachers, and staff so our educational community can thrive in a healthy, safe, and productive environment. If elected, the following are my priorities to achieve this goal:


  • School Safety and Security will always be my highest priority.  As a former CPS assistant principal, I am very familiar with safety policies and procedures in Chesapeake.  My experience in our schools allows me to have a unique perspective to understand the areas we can continue to strengthen for our safety and security in Chesapeake.   


  • Providing a high quality and rigorous education for all students, free from political and adult agendas/conversations.


  • Building and strengthening relationships with Chesapeake families and the community.  As a parent myself, I strongly support and affirm Code of Virginia 1-240.1 Rights of Parents that states, “a parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbriging, education, and care of the parents’ child.”  Historically, the most successful schools have always had a strong partnership between home and school and my experience in our schools also confirms this.  As a board member, it will be my greatest desire for Chesapeake parents to understand they are valued as a partner in their child’s education and are welcome in our schools. 


  • Teacher and staff recruitment/retention.  Teacher hiring and placement is the number one decision school leaders make that has the most direct impact on our students.  I understand firsthand that teaching is a very challenging job. I promise to support our educators to not only recruit but also retain the very best talent for our Chesapeake students. 


I humbly ask for your vote on November 8, 2022!

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